About me: Davey Northcott

Hi! First and foremost I’m an author.

But into the nitty-gritty, I am an estranged Englishman living in Spain in the heart of the wine growing region of La Rioja. I moved to this stunning region after having lived previously in possibly the two most beautiful cities in this country: Salamanca and Toledo. When I’m not writing I, with my beautiful Spanish partner, Sara, spend my time teaching English, walking, cycling, drinking wine, eating, reading an endless and ever growing pile of books, etc. etc.

What is my inspiration?

I find that I am inspired both by my surroundings and the people I know. I have to admit that a huge amount of what I observe every day finds its way onto the pages of my books.  Thanks World for your endless resources!

What do I write?

I write what I see and feel in a fictional form. My books all have meaning behind them, carried along by a strong plot and beautifully crafted language. Keep your eyes on my blog, or follow me on twitter @DaveyNorthcott for news of all my releases.


I strongly believe that our imagination is one our most valuable tools as human beings and that its use is something which anyone, no matter how ‘unimaginative’ they may think they are, can enjoy.  What would our world be without imagination? There would be no science, no art, no technology.

Our imagination is our saviour and we owe it to OURSELVES to use it every day.

On this blog, and by following me on twitter @DaveyNorthcott, you will have endless opportunities to do just that and meet like minded people who want to do the same.

4 thoughts on “About me: Davey Northcott

  1. I totally agree about imagination ! Great to see your creativity on a page. Full support materoo – a master of words and fine cheeses

    1. Thanks Nick. Keep your eye on the page for my ‘imagination challenges’ (click on the link The imAgine RooM at the top of the page). Why not check out the article on the homepage, ‘Five’, and give me your thoughts.
      Catch you later!!!!

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