The Writers’ Blog Tour

As part of a fun way to get to know some new bloggers I’ve taken part in The Writers’ Blog Tour. The task: to answer four short questions and include a biography of another great writer. Good fun and brill to meet Tezrah, my great writer whose bio you can see below.

So here’s about me:


1. What am I working on now?

Having just published my first book, ‘The Path Through the Eye of Another’, the story of soldier’s journey of self discovery, wounded in a revolution and told through the eyes of five different animals who aid him on his voyage, I am now polishing several short stories that will be published as a compilation.

The first and main story is that of ‘George’, and follows his own awakening to the world around him after having lived his life with eyes closed. Opening with the words of John Lennon, ‘Living with easy with eyes closed’, the story plays on the concept that most of us go through life without really noticing what is around us and when at last we do ‘open our eyes’, the world can seem a foreign and sometimes frightening place that needs all our strength and resources to conquer. This story is followed by several short pieces that follow the theme of looking past the obvious, one on a bus ride, another a sunny afternoon on the balcony and the final piece walks with a shepherd from the Spanish town of Toledo as he takes his sheep in for the night.


2. How does my writing differ from others of the genre?

Well firstly, what is the genre? I see most of my writing as fitting into the genre of literary fiction with elements of action, romance and plain good old fashioned story telling.

How does it differ? I try to add a personal element to everything that I write so that every reader can identify in some way with the characters and their stories. Is this different to other literary fiction? Probably not, but it’s the tack I take and it seems to work.


3. Why do I write what I do?

I write because I love it. I love words, I love to read, I love the sound of a beautifully constructed sentence that bounces and flows, sweeping you away in its melody to places unknown.


4. How does my writing process work?

My writing process usually starts with an idea. Sometimes this idea comes from someone I see in the street, others from a word, others from mind wanderings. I take that idea and think about it, usually a lot, and then start to construct the story in my mind using a mix of brainstorming in my head and on paper to develop it into the semblances of what could be a story.

Then comes the exciting bit! The first draft! It begins as an exciting adventure, research mixed with imagination and construction that sweep away the characters and leading them sometimes to take quite unexpected turns – for me I mean! Towards the middle, as every writer will have experienced, comes the hard bit. The ‘oh this is useless, no one will ever read this, I’m a terrible writer and a worse human being!’ But then you come through the other side and the sun bursts through the curtains once more as you pick up speed and finally type those final words.

I say ‘final words’ in a somewhat loose sense of the term. Undoubtedly with the second and third and fourth and fifth and … etc. drafts, reading, editing, rereading, reediting, editing by others and so on the story can change hugely. But the bare bones, the original message, always remain.

This is what I would say to writers. Though the story may change, characters may be wiped, changed, added, your original idea is the important thing. You had that idea / message for a reason and you have to tell it. Stick to that and keep it strong and in the end your work will be worth it!


‘Great Writer Bio’


Terzah Cain

Terzah would have happily stayed a wallflower if not for a “military-brat” upbringing.  Survival required she expand her imagination and become a master of disguise.  Brash in one setting, mature and respectful in another, this lead to character development in the artistic sense.  Her “superpower” is sociology.  She can read people brilliantly, and isn’t worried about making up the illegible stuff.  This developed into a strong craving for ink and paper … and a false mustache.  She currently lives in an inconspicuous hideout in Idaho while finishing up her career in youth-work.  Her ultra-supportive wife awaits her return to their home in Washington State where she will devote her attentions to writing full-time.




My invitation for this project came from another brilliant writer, Siobhan Daiko, blog: , and you can follow the links back to the roots of this initiative, which originated as an offshoot of a Bookmark Book Festival in Scotland. It’s a growing international community of writers working to introduce each others’ blog to a wider audience.


Enjoy all!  🙂

1 thought on “The Writers’ Blog Tour

  1. Thanks for picking up and passing on the baton, Davey. I enjoyed this post and reading about your work and writing processes. Good luck! S x

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