The Importance of a Review

As a writer nothing gets my heart beating quicker than the email or message that says ‘you have received a review’. What will it be like? Good? Bad? Suggestions? One star or five?

Those are the things that always run through my mind.

Obviously, the hope is that the review is a good one; but is a negative review always a bad thing? The answer is no. Any review, as long as it is the truly honest opinion of the reader, is positive for the author. Bad reviews can help writers progress and build on suggestions and, what’s more, a few bad reviews mixed in with the glowing ones show that a book is a force for argument. Not everyone enjoys the same thing and not everyone is enthralled by the same literary style or genre. So, negative reviews don’t worry!

The most important thing for any writer is feedback; i.e. that the reader leave a few words and some stars after reading. It is a selling tool for the author and, as I’ve already mentioned, a tool for self-reflection.

So when you next download a book from Amazon, Smashwords, or wherever, please, as an author I implore, please leave a few words. Those words mean so much.


Davey Northcott

‘The Path Through the Eye of Another’

Available on Amazon. Click on the link. Thanks. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “The Importance of a Review

  1. I think that’s definitely the best way to support an author. I try and leave Goodreads reviews when I can, because where I stay, I can’t post on Amazon.

    1. Hey. I completely agree 🙂 Where abouts are you? I thought that Amazon had managed to infiltrate every corner of the known world already 🙂 That’s a shame, though, as it is a great site. I have my book up on there if you’re ever able to get on it to take a look (link in the ‘my ebooks’ tag of my blog). Goodreads is a great site, though. I’ve just set up an author profile there, trying to figure out my way around it at the moment!

      1. I’m terrified of offending my blog friends with a review, but I shall try my had at a Goodreads review. I have managed a way to gift books by Amazon authors as well– and am planning to give away Indie books to blog-friends who I think would appreciate them.

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