And the beat goes on … or the free giveaway, anyway. So, how’s it going?

So, I’m on the second (and final) day of my free giveaway of ‘The Path Through the Eye of Another’, and how’s it going? Is this a productive way to publicize your new ebook? That’s the million (or trillion) dollar question, isn’t it?

Well, from current figures I would say yes. I’m now up to 54 ebooks downloaded (at about 10.00 am on the second day of the giveaway) in various different countries: UK, US, Germany, Spain, Brazil and Canada. OK, so it’s not up in the thousands, but as a first time author/self-publisher I’m quite pleased with the progress to date. ‘The Path Through the Eye of Another‘ currently ranks 28 in the Amazon literary fiction rankings and 3,000 and a bit in general (not bad to say the are about 1.5 million books available on Amazon at present).

Publicity is obviously all important. I’ve had posts out on twitter, facebook and in the amazon forums and the hard work seems to be paying off.  What will happen after the promotion ends? Well, that remains to be seen. From reading up on the subject it appears that a slump in downloads is to be expected at first, due to the fact that those who have downloaded the book have to actually read it before posting reviews. But I am hopeful that, after a few weeks, the figures will begin to creep up once more as reviews are posted on amazon and other potential readers begin to take the bait.

So, that’s my news thus far on the exciting journey that is the publication of my debut novel. Let’s see how it goes. Tender hooks and all that are being waited on and the proof, as they say, is in the pudding! 🙂

Thanks for popping by and, once again, happy reading!

Download your copy here:

The Path Through the Eye of Another



4 thoughts on “And the beat goes on … or the free giveaway, anyway. So, how’s it going?

    1. Thanks, it is pretty exciting 🙂 The marketing lark is hard work though! Whereas my writing imagination is great, the marketing side of my brain (left or right? not certain) seems a little less well developed!
      On a separate note, not had time to read your post today yet, this evening without fail! 🙂

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