My Free Book Giveaway Days … 9th and 10th April

So, after a day and a half of what I see as pretty good sales (17 books — not bad for a first release and a rooky marketer scrabbling his way through the confusing scree of the social media and networking sites) the FREE GIVEAWAY days have arrived!

Is this a good idea for a new author? I’ve been told so, so let’s give it a try! One thing I would ask is that, if you decide to take the literary plunge and download today or tomorrow, please leave a review as, as I remember one ‘twitterer’ tweeting a while ago (can’t remember who … sorry), ‘a review is the best present for any author’ (as I’m sure you’ll all know)!

That said, reviews anytime by anyone are welcome, obviously.

Have any of you guys ever organized a free giveaway for a book? If so, I’d be grateful of any advice, words of wisdom, knowledgy-pearls or what-have-you.

Anyway, if you fancy a good read for this weekend, here is the link to your local Amazon:

The Path Through the Eye of Another 

Happy Reading folks 🙂




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