My New Book Adventure … by Me, Davey Northcott

Well yesterday the day finally arrived after many weeks … months … years of writing, editing, re-writing, formatting, cover-designing, more editing, more re-writing, more formatting … well those of you that have embarked on the self-publishing route will know what I mean. And even those who publish through traditional publishers.

But yes, yesterday was the big day. I had my book uploaded on amazon and I finally pressed that little, unassuming button that said ‘Save and Publish’. I had suddenly become a published author!

What did I feel? I had expected a rush of exhilaration, excitement, dizzy stars in front of my eyes. But to my disappointment none of this happened. The clock kept ticking and the builders in the patio outside kept on scraping old plaster off the walls. In short, the world carried on as before.

It takes a while for amazon to check and approve your book (up to twelve hours are the guidelines) so it was now time to twiddle thumbs.

After a couple of hours of said thumb entwining the status on my bookshelf changed to ‘live’! Wow! Now I felt excited. I rushed onto amazon to see my hours of toil translated into a sellable piece when, to my shock, I saw that it was listed as being written by a different person!!!!!

My fault entirely, I have to say. And this is a word of warning to all those first time self-publishers. When entering your book information you are asked to include at least one ‘contributor’. Now, I assumed (assumption is the mother of all ####*¿s, as they say) that publishing the book from my account, I would automatically be listed as ‘author’ and hence ‘contributors’, other folk who had helped out, edited, given ideas for covers, etc. So, I happily wrote in the name of a friend who had helped me out with some ideas for the cover work. And yes, you guessed it, my beautiful book was listed on amazon as having been written by him.

My fault, as I say, but worth taking note of. THE CONTRIBUTOR IS YOU, the author.

Anyway, after some tense hours of sending emails to amazon and waiting for responses (you are not allowed to change any details until the amazon review process has totally finished) I was finally able to rectify my mistake and, hey presto! There I was! My name in print!

And that’s when a bit more excitement eventually kicked in! I was there, next to the cover of my book with its price and everything on Amazon.

So last night I headed off to work — giving English classes to Spaniards — with a smile on my face … and that smile grew yet wider still when, by the end of the night, I had sold, yes actually SOLD, my first two books! … And neither was to my mum or my gran!

So here I am, on my second day as a self-publish author, excited and wondering what the future may bring.

Happy writing and happy reading all.

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