‘The Path Through the Eye of Another’: Release date 7th April on Amazon. Enjoy the opening on me … :

The Path Through the Eye of Another

In the life of every person on this planet there are five crucial elements of being, each of which is, and always has been, unequivocally integral to the other. A person needs all five of these elements in equal measure in order to really feel, and hence be, whole and fulfilled.

There is an order, an energy, which flows between these elements. Thus, if one element is missing that order is broken, the flow disturbed, the person unsettled.

But if that person arrives to such a point in his life and loses, for whatever reason, all five—what then?

Then that person is as good as dead, emotionally at least.

So, if the elements are lost, a person must re-learn them. How depends on that person, but they must be re-learnt. If not, there is no point.


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