Number 5 – The Five Essential Elements of … you!



Five, for me, has always been a special number. It was the age I got my first bike for a start! Not only that, how many children were in some of my favourite books when I was growing up? You got it. Five (can you guess which books?).


In the natural world five is an important number: did you know that almost all amphibians, reptiles, and mammals which have fingers or toes have five of them on each hand and/or foot?
According to Aristotle, along with other ancient Greek philosophers, the universe is made up of five classical elements: water, earth, air, fire, and ether.


In Cantonese, ‘five‘ has a similar pronunciation to their ‘not’ (character: 唔) and if it should appear before a lucky number, such as “58”, the result is said to be unlucky.


If you’re into religion (or if you’re not), here are a few ‘five facts’:

Jesus purportedly had five wounds.

For the Jews, the Khamsa, an ancient hand shaped symbol with five fingers, is used as a protective amulet. The very same symbol is also popular in Arabic culture, known to protect from envy and the evil eye.

Muslims pray to Allah five times a day and there are five pillahs of Islam.

In the Sikh religion five is also sacred, The Guru Gobind Singh prescribed five symbols and on top of that there are five deadly evils:

Kam (lust), Krodh (anger), Moh (attachment), Lobh (greed), and Ankhar (ego).


Friday, for me the best day of the week, is the fifth! What more can I say?

So the number five. It could, if you wanted, lead you to a whole world of imaginings, wonderings and even wanderings!!!


Hence, my challenge for you:


What are the five elements in your life that really make you tick? 


Is it your friends?

Is it landscapes?






What are the five things that, without which, your life would be empty? Tell me, please; feel free …



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