What have you eaten today? … The Pickle

The pickle is a

Wonderfully mouth-watering treat.


It will crunch a path of seductive passion,

Proliferating through the endorphin enriched mind of the

Eater. He, or she, who so wisely decreed:


“For unto me today a pickle is delivered.”


That religiously acidic, vinegary extravagancial experience,

Tingling the taste buds of the most timid tongue,

And driving the Eater wild,

With throws of magician like wonder.


This, my dear friend/reader/listener,

Is the true majesty of the Pickle.


It has unwitting brilliance in reducing even the most

Turgid Tom into orgasmic writhing gestures of love and bewonderment.


The King of Crunch.

Ripple of applause please, for,

The Pickle.


What have you eaten today?

Use your food as imagination fuel!

Write something silly, funny, serious, or whatever you like about your gastronomic exploits.


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