The sound of tree-falling snow …

What does the sound of snow falling from the branches of a tree sound like to you?

The other morning I was walking through the forest after a night of heavy snowfall and all was that spooky, snowy silence except … the sound of the snow falling, the melt already beginning, from the branches of the pylonic pine and beech trees that surrounded me. It got me thinking about sounds and what this particular one reminded me of. 

For me, when a large clod fell, too heavy for its bearer to sustain, it was as the dull thud of a punch but between these violent images the dainty-scurried footfalls of deer seemed to cascade pitter-patter down from ruffled-in-the-wind branches at every other step, keeping me company on the white-towered desolation of the wintery mountain. 

What does this sound make you think of? 

Close your eyes and imagine yourself there …Tell me. Leave your comment below.


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